Green Day Torrent
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14.08.1994, Winston's Farm, Saugerties, New York, USA



Woodstock II; South Stage

1. Welcome to Paradise
2. One of My Lies
3. Chump
4. Longview
5. Basket Case
6. When I Come Around
7. Burnout
8. F.O.D. (Fuck Off And Die)
9. Paper Lanterns
Note: Mud fight after the song.

Note: Cut short because of mud fight (?).

- Other performers: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Metallica, Bob Dylan, Aerosmith, Nine Inch Nails, Santana, The Cranberries, The Roots, Sheryl Crow, Cypress Hill, Peter Gabriel, Allman Brothers Band, Joe Cocker, Violent Femmes, Collective Soul, Blind Melon, Aphex Twin, James Primus, Spin Doctors, Salt-N-Pepa, Blues Traveler, Crosby, Stills & Nash, Orbital, Arrested Development, Candlebox, Todd Rundgren, Deee-Lite, Del Amitri, The Orb, Zucchero, Porno for Pyros, Rollins Band, Youssou N'Dour, The Neville Brothers, Orleans, Jackyl, King's X, Country Joe McDonald, Traffic Huffamoose Womad The Sisters Of Glory Jimmy Cliff's All Star Reggae Jam,  Paul Rodgers Rock and Blues Revue, Jeremy Hardesty.
- Jamie Nelson: "It was an unbelievable 3 days there. I had been 21 for only 3 months so I was in the party prime of my life and this was the biggest party in the world! I remember throwing sod (mud) after this show..."
- Robbie B.: "I was at this show. My tent was 100 yards away. In '94 Green Day wasn't totally mainstream yet. This was the third stage. Before they went on an African band played. They were so boring. Bongos and a lot of percussions. Then the stage turned and Green Day was on."
- Christopher Powers: "I was there. I wish they'd show the crowd more so I could find myself, but I remember seein' these guys. I just didn't really realize who they were at the time. Fun time, but it did rain a lot. I thought it was fitting, it reminded me of the original '69 videos I'd seen. I remember thinkin' it was cool that since I had missed the original, at least I was young enough to enjoy the encore. I was 24 at the time. Helluva ride from Bluefield, WV to Saugerties, NY and back."
- Ray Brunelle: "My parents were at this concert. Fucking lucky people! I would've been all crazy screaming the lyrics and stuff if I was them."
- Vince Hurley: "I was there all three days. It was one of the most magical, fantastic experiences of my life. It was a complete loss-of-sleep, anarchic mess, with barrels full of crazy all around... And it was completely awesome. I slept for two days after I finally got back home. Green Day was fantastic, as always. And look how young they look here! I thought they hadn't changed, but I guess we all have!"
- scribs76: "No, I was there. A kid from the audience ran up on stage and tackled him. Security was right there, but the kid got the tackle in."
- "I was there. What a great time I had at Woodstock '94. I was in front of the stage towards the right. I did a stage dive... My 6-year-old daughter and I are watching this now and she is cracking up.
- Dialysis Joe: "I was up on a hill, looking down at this guys. I really enjoyed their energy and their music. I'm enjoying it more, now, because I don't have to put up with half a million people."
- Redplanetfilms1: "I was behind the stage and then went up front to see what was going on and then the hay and mud started flying! It was crazy! It looked like a wave of mudballs! I thought it was one of the coolest things I had even seen at a concert. It felt dangerous but somehow freeing and different. I walked backstage again to watch the choas and then that's when I heard Mike scream out, "I think he broke my fucking jaw!" It was my first time seeing Green Day and I've been a fan since!"
- Paul Anderson: "As someone who was there for it, the mud starting flying up in the air from the moshing, then people threw it at each other, that got Mike to make fun of those people and the crowd started slinging it at the band, which led to some good old fun."
- jettera: "I was there too. Madness."

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Review #1:
Green Day's performance on stage was undoubtedly the best, visually. A punk band, I don't think their music is anything spectacular compared to the innovative punk along the lines of the Levellers and Fugazi. In fact, they are so stereotypically punk that it almost seems like they are parodying it: the lead singer and drummer had brightly coloured blue and green hair and their lyrics are whiny. But they were tireless on stage and pushed the momentum to its limits. The best thing about their show was that they had a mud fight on stage with the audience. The first mud pack was thrown at vocalist Billy Joe Armstrong. He promptly caught it and put it in his mouth. This simply encouraged people to throw more! The crew of the band came on stage and started throwing stuff back.
Things got really out of control as audience members climbed up on stage and security people tried to stop them. It was a futile effort; there was total and utter chaos. One little kid ran on to the stage, hugged Armstrong, and started running away, but the singer chased after him and brought him back to sing a few lines! I bet that made that kid's day. Running around on stage had its problems however, as bassist Mike Dirnt discovered. As the show ended, the security people mistook Dirnt running around for one of the stage crashers and tried to kick him out, very much against his insistence that he belonged to the band.
- Hey, man! I'm the bassist!
- Yeah, right, we've heard that one before.
It was the most out-of-control show I saw, yet nothing violent happened and the security people and the audience made peace afterward (though I hear Dirnt has lost 3 of his teeth).
For much of its third day, Woodstock '94 seemed to suggest common ground between generations, where tastes overlap in danceable grooves and utopian hopes. But Green Day, a Bay Area rock band, seized the festival's punk moment this afternoon. Playing for an eager crowd, Green Day was a blast of punk-pop: fast, exuberant, catchy songs of suburban discontent that ask, "Do you have the time to listen to me whine?"
Its guitarist, Billie Joe, and bassist, Mike Dirnt, taunted the dirt-spattered crowd, which started hurling mud and straw at the stage. While the rhythm section played on, Billie Joe exposed himself, smashed a microphone on the stage (the audience clapped along in rhythm), then tossed divots back into the audience. He told the audience that if it chanted instructions to shut up, Green Day would. He cued them with a "1,2,3". When they responded, the band quit.

Steve Appleford :
An Endless Summer for Green Day
Pop music: From the mud of Woodstock to Lollapalooza, this Berkeley rock band keeps the fans on their feet.
Three weekends ago, Dirnt and the rest of Green Day were across the country at Woodstock '94 facing thousands of other fans in the muddy fields of Saugerties, NY.
This Berkeley rock band whose new "Dookie" album has rocketed into the national Top 10, was the only Lollapalooza act to play at both festivals.
Minutes after the band's performance Sunday, lead singer-guitarist Billie Joe Armstrong sits in a backstage trailer talking about the differences between the two memorable days of rock 'n' roll.
"It was a natural disaster because there were people that died," Billie Joe, also 22, says, referring to the three-day Woodstock '94, where two people in the crowd of about 300,000 died - both, in part, because of pre-existing medical conditions.
"By the time we got on stage there, it was something like 750 broken ankles. There were like 100 people per hour going into the medical tent, supposedly for anxiety attacks. It was insane. You had no room to go anywhere, nothing but mud."
The band members - including drummer - were soon so covered with mud themselves that they couldn't play their instruments, and they ended up throwing mud back at the crowd, some members of which climbed on stage.
There were so many fans on stage by the time Green Day's set was over that Dirnt was mistaken as one of the stage divers and tackled by a security guard. Their appearance scheduled for the next day at the Lollapalooza '94 gig in Miami had to be canceled because Dirnt's front teeth were broken in the melee.
But Dirnt is far from bitter.
"Who gives a (expletive) about that?" he says, sitting with Billie Joe. "The fact of the matter is that it was a great show. That was an unfortunate incident."
Green Day's memories of Woodstock '94 are ironic because the band had wondered about doing the show at all - making fun of the hippie culture it represented. Besides, how would they fit into a show that included the "classic rock" sounds of Joe Cocker, Traffic and Crosby, Stills and Nash?
"I went in there with really low expectations and came out overwhelmed," says Billie Joe. "It was the closest thing to chaos, and complete anarchy, that I have ever seen in my whole life."
Adds Dirnt: "It took me a few days to stop thinking about it."

Listen 2 My Smile:
Jimmy Cliff‘s All Star Reggae Jam featuring Rita Marley, Eek A Mouse and Shabba Ranks
I remember that on this day we were determined (at least I was) to pick up some merch for myself and some gifts for friends.  So we made a point of going shopping before we went and saw any music.  In fact, we didn’t even hit the main stage till later in the day.
We were dead-set on seeing Green Day.  There was NO way were gonna miss their performance on the South Stage.  We got over there way before they went on.  That’s when we saw the naked, dancing boys.  It was hilarious.  The one naked guy turned out to be from Argentina.  My bff freaked out when she found out (she’s half Argentinian) and started talking to him in Spanish.  I found this so amusing.  Especially because she was standing there talking to him while he was butt naked.  Hello! lol  Anyway, at this point it was extremely muddy.  Honestly, it had been muddy all weekend.  We never engaged in much mud play.
Any mud that we got on us was because of trudging around in it or because of peripheral mud fights…like the one we experienced during Green Day.  What started out as a couple of people throwing muddy grass onto the stage ended in a massive mud  BATTLE that ultimately sent Green Day off the stage.  It was so disappointing that they were cut short.  I was enjoying them while I saw them and had REALLY wanted to hear them play.  It sucked!  I’m actually surprised to look back and see that they got through 8 full songs.  It seemed so much shorter.  But then again, their songs are not very long in the first place.
Once they were done, we decided to go pack up our stuff so that once all the performances were over, we’d be good to go.  On the way back we stopped to take some pictures of the mud slide and various other oddities.
After we did that, we strolled back over to the main stage to catch  Porno For Pyros.  That was an interesting set.
After that I remember sitting around on a downed fence (conveniently next to some smelly port-a-potties), waiting for Bob Dylan to go on next.
It was pretty historic since he wasn’t at the original Woodstock, so we wanted to be there and make history with him.  I particularly remember him doing “All Along The Watchtower”, but unfortunately I couldn’t find any footage.  After he was done, we got up to move a bit closer for the Red Hot Chili Peppers performance.  By now it was dark and we were swimming in people. By the way, the total count of people for this festival was estimated to be at 350,000.  WOW!!  Back to RHCP-I could not wait to hear these guys!!  I had been a big fan for a few years now, so this was going to be great.
The crowd was so enthusiastic when they came out.  I will NEVER forget their performance of “Higher Ground” and all the swinging t-shirts.
The scene will forever be ingrained in my brain. The night & festival was capped off by a moving performance by Peter Gabriel. Again, this was another artist that I was seeing for the first time.  Unfortunately, YouTube took down the clip that I had linked to this blog of “In Your Eyes” that he did with Youssou N’Dour. This entire set was a lovely & mellow way to close out the show and the festival.  By the time Peter was done, so were we.  We trudged back to where we had left our tent & other items, only to find that someone had stolen my sleeping bag.  Oh well.  Not a big deal.  We got back to the car pretty smoothly and made it to the airport to drop my brother off.  This drive home was super rough.  We were exhausted.  I remember stopping numerous times to try & grab some sleep in rest areas.  It sucked!  By the time I got home, it was Monday NIGHT!  Yes!  And without showering for three days, I was feeling pretty grimy.  My mom gave me a big hug when I walked in the door.  I told her, that probably wasn’t a good idea.  I don’t think I’ve ever taken such a long shower in my life.  The only mishap that I really suffered, aside from missing all the shows on Friday night, was losing a roll of film.  My best friend had been in charge of my camera all weekend and managed to take some great shots.  I have no idea where I lost the film exactly.  It may have happened on our drive back home, when we were dead-stopped in traffic and I made the mistake of getting out of the car to go into my trunk and pull stuff out of my bag.  When traffic suddenly started up again, I had to clumsily throw everything back in to the trunk so I could rush back to the driver’s seat. I think that’s when the roll of film may have fallen out.  To this day I wonder what was on it.  Oh well, what I do know is that this was a weekend to remember.

Review #3:
Chaos At Woodstock '94
August 14, 1994 - Saugerties, New York. Leave it to Green Day to start the biggest mud fight in history at a festival meant to encourage peace! The over 350,000 fans watching the show were encouraged to throw mud after one fan did so and Billie picked it up and put it in his mouth. Soon after, Billie began running across the stage while fans threw mud, and he attempted to fight back on his own, needless to say he was a little outmatched. Things began getting really out of control when fans began running on the stage, even Mike was mistaken for a fan and lost three teeth as bouncers tackled him. Billie described it best onstage when he yelled, "this isn't peace it's fucking anarchy." Billie later said, "Going into it I thought that the nostalgia reasons behind the show were kind of a joke. So we went in thinking "This is lame". But then it turned into something completely unexpected. To tell you the truth, it was the closest thing to total chaos I've ever seen in my whole life."
And on the third day, we still rocked...
Green Day's performance on stage was undoubtedly the best, visually. A punk band, I don't think their music is anything spectacular compared to the innovative punk along the lines of the Levellers and Fugazi. In fact, they are so stereotypically punk that it almost seems like they are parodying it: the lead singer and drummer had brightly coloured blue and green hair and their lyrics are whiny. But they were tireless on stage and pushed the momentum to its limits. The best thing about their show was that they had a mud fight on stage with the audience. The first mud pack was thrown at vocalist Billy Joe Armstrong. He promptly caught it and put it in his mouth. This simply encouraged people to throw more! The crew of the band came on stage and started throwing stuff back. Wavy Gravy, the announcer for the South stage, also followed suit by doing the same thing (throwing mud back and eating it).
Things got really out of control as audience members climbed up on stage and security people tried to stop them. It was a futile effort; there was total and utter chaos. One little kid ran on to the stage, hugged Armstrong, and started running away, but the singer chased after him and brought him back to sing a few lines! I bet that made that kid's day. Running around on stage had its problems however, as bassist Mike Dirnt discovered. As the show ended, the security people mistook Dirnt running around for one of the stage crashers and tried to kick him out, very much against his insistence that he belonged to the band:
"Hey man! I'm the bassist!"
"Yeah right, we've heard that one before."
Dirnt being kicked out by the Peace Patrol?
It was the most out-of-control show I saw, yet nothing violent happened and the security people and the audience made peace afterward (though I hear Dirnt lost 3 of his teeth). Their set consisted of songs from their latest release Dookie, such as Burnout, Chump, Long View, Welcome to Paradise, Pulling Teeth, When I Come Around, and Basket Case.
Before seeing Green Day however, we had to spend around 3 hours listening to the WOMAD performers. I say "we had to" because it seemed to take forever---they were listed as one group, but it was actually a whole slew of perfomers including Xalem, the Justin Trio, Geoffrey Oryema (who was truly brilliant), and Hassan Hakmoun. The crowd didn't think much of them and when one of the performers asked people to sing along with him, the chant that was heard was "Green Day!" Wavy Gravy and Peter Gabriel had to ask the crowd to show some respect, but that request went unheeded. The wait was made worthwhile during Hakmoun's performance, when Peter Gabriel joined him on stage and sung a couple of songs with the troupe.
After the Green Day show, people tried to get back to the North Stage, except that there was a fence around the concert area and it slowed things down. In a spectacular moment of cooperation, the people (including me) at the fence yelled: "everyone step back!" and the whole crowd stepped back in unision. The fence was down in a minute.   Contrast this behaviour to what happens when people in front are getting crushed and the audience is asked to step back: no one does. I guess we have our priorities straight, eh?
As I walked away, I could hear the Paul Rodgers band (who I chose to miss since Brian May from Queen didn't show) with Slash as the guitarist and Jason Bonham as the drummer covering Bad Company tunes. They sounded pretty good! One of themes of the festival was "feel like making love."
Taking down the fence paved the way for me to get something to eat and then I rushed to the North stage in order to catch the Spin Doctors. Again, this was an example of a group I don't really like, but someone who put on a good show. They said it was the largest crowd they had ever played in front of, and I think this holds true for most performers there. The lead singer was funny when he tried to do acrobatics on stage (like tumbling and jumping high) and failed clumsily. The crowd really got into them as they finished up with Two Princes.
After the Spin Doctors, it was Perry Farrell and Porno for Pyros, who put on one of the better performances. They played a lot of stuff from their self-titled album, including Porno for Pyros and Sadness. Two scantily clad female dancers on stage, who were really erotic, made out with each other during the performance. A female acrobat spiced up an already quirky show.
Perry Farrell got my attention when he started talking about crop circles. I thought he would then start talking about UFOs, but instead he talked about Chaos which I thought was truly brilliant, since it is believed that crop circles are an instance of chaotic behaviour in natural systems (yes, some education for the crowd here). He ended up by saying "Chaos is beautiful". Amen.
Bob Dylan was simply amazing! He was 1.5 hours late but it was worth the wait. He came on stage, and jammed his stuff in an unrelevant manner (including tunes like All along the Watch Tower, Highway 61, Masters of War, Don't think Twice, and It's all Right) and walked out. No "hello" or "thank you". I was only tangentially familiar with his music before I saw him live, but he got everyone rocking and his guitar playing was what stood out the most. He was one of two surprises for me at the festival in terms of how good he was (the other was Aerosmith). People were even moshing and crowd surfing to him! Heck, people were moshing and crowd surfing when there was no music being played!
The crowd roared when he sang "everybody must get stoned." There was tons of drugs floating around, ranging from marijuana to various coloured versions of acid. I was offered to try some out, but I declined). The girl behind me during the entire Sunday night show was tripping. She was one of the people who lived across the river and got in for free and I bet her entire experience was living in the "peace and love" dream (mine was all about the music).
A few lightbulbs appeared on stage and they weren't dim-bulbs either! Red Hot Chili Peppers really livened up what must've been a tired crowd with their lightbulb costumes (which they took off after the first couple of tunes) and their charismatic funky sound. Another theme for the festival was "give it away" which happened a lot when water bottles were thrown from the TV towers (which was where I hung out most of the time), food was shared, and a helping hand was given whenever needed. People showed concern when I cut my leg (I was barefoot) on a piece of glass and when I had to crouch down for a minute with my flashlight in order to get rid of the piece of glass.
The Chili Peppers came back for an encore dressed in white, Jimi Hendrix-style, complete with Afros, and a little girl (Flea's Daughter) sang the first minute of the national anthem.
The strains of Zaar heralded the arrival of Peter Gabriel, who put on the best performance both visually and musically. He played exactly the same set that he did at the WOMAD concert (Talk to me, San Jacinto, Solsbury Hill, Shaking the Tree, Sledgehammer, Steam, and Digging in the Dirt.) but he seemed to put a bit more effort into this one. This was the last performance and the crowd was a bit tired, but they still cheered when he said "this is your woodstock, this is your mud."
It was incredible to listen to the crowd chanting "In Your Eyes" at around 1a in the morning with thousands and thousands of brightly-lit candles waving around. The flashing lights and the light patterns created by his massive floating light projector, the steam coming out in front of the stage, and the entire field brightly lit due to the candles was a spectacular sight! The encore was a bit extended as the crowd chanted along to Biko. The daring and innovative performance is the reason why Gabriel was the headliner for the entire show.

The Courant:
Punkers Green Day To Join Old Fogeys At Woodstock Festival
Here's what happens when you get your third album released on a major label after years of being generally ignored on an independent label.
If you're the punk trio Green Day, you get your video played incessantly on MTV, your album goes gold and you get booked not only on the Lollapalooza fest, but also Woodstock '94 - even if you weren't born when the first one took place in 1969.
Woodstock organizers are privately tickled at getting the young Berkeley, Calif., band for their two-day fest of grandpas and Grammy winners Aug. 12-13 in Saugerties, NY (tickets for which went on sale Wednesday).
They think that stealing thunder from hip Lollapalooza is a plus for a fest that will certainly be criticized for its fogeydom, with Joe Cocker; Crosby, Stills and Nash and Santana all brought back from the original fest.
The biggest plum in this area is getting Porno for Pyros, the band of Lollapalooza founder Perry Farrell. Other Lollapalooza vets at Woodstock '94 include Alice in Chains,the Rollins Band, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nine Inch Nails and Arrested Development (and hip-again Johnny Cash, the sole country representative, will play selected Lollapalooza dates as well as Woodstock).
Borrowed from other touring festivals will be Peter Gabriel and Arrested Development from the W.O.M.A.D. U.S.A. tour; the Allman Brothers from the H.O.R.D.E. tour; and the Spin Doctors from their own three- band traveling F.E.S.T. (just kidding on those initials).
Woodstock is rounded out by Metallica, Aerosmith, Bob Dylan, the Cranberries, Cypress Hill, Melissa Etheridge, the Neville Brothers, and a reggae showcase with Jimmy Cliff, Rita (and possibly Ziggy) Marley and Shabba Ranks. Three or four more acts are yet to be announced.
Insiders say that Dylan was first snubbed for Woodstock '94, then booked as a lure to get the Band to reunite with him on stage, a ploy that so far hasn't worked.
Bus packages from Hartford, New Haven, Danbury and Springfield went on sale through Ticketmaster phone charges in each city Wednesday. Single tickets, without transportation, at $135 for the two days, will go on sale June 26. Oldsters and couch potatoes can sit at home and watch it on pay-per-view for $49.99 ($34.99 for a single day).
And if you'd rather see Green Day with a few hundred people rather than 250,000; you can catch a prefestival date July 31 at the Sting in New Britain, in one of several all-ages shows scheduled for the summer (usually on Thursdays).

Covered in mud from head to toe when they came out on stage as a show of support / unity with how miserable everyone at the concert was after dealing with so much mud. The whole concert was dubbed "Mudstock '94" instead of "Woodstock '94". I say this after having been there and lived through the whole thing. I've never seen so many people covered in mud in my life. As far as your eye could see, there was just mud, tents, and people walking around like mud covered zombies.
There were so many cops outside of the show by the last day that to an unsuspecting visitor to the city of Saugerties, NY, they'd have thought that martial law was declared or that a mini civil war was expected to have been on tap to occur. They had EVERYBODY and his brother who was a cop there. I mean freakin' everyone. Just nutso. The whole thing was nutso.
Reason being is that them festival promoters probably put down crushed rock or whatever behind the stages for the various vehicles (cars / buses / golf carts) to get around easily, but also as a base for the temporary structures (like mobile homes) to sit on. So when the storms hit, the area behind the stages was pretty much immune to turning into a mud swamp. Bands came out onstage sparkling clean since they didn't have to trod through the mud.
Because when I was there in 1994, the site got drenched with heavy rain and turned the entire venue (which was in a rolling pastureland) into literally a sea of mud. I have never seen so many people covered in mud. I wound up finding a roll of heavy duty industrial grade Saran Wrap (like you'd cover food containers with) behind one of the food vendor's tents and wrapped the lower half of my torso (shoes / jeans) in it to avoid falling down in the mud. So muddy that we left our tent behind.
It rained very heavily prior to their gig. The whole area where the festival was held was on rolling pastureland in upstate New York. The ground / turf turned to a muddy soup and everyone was covered in it. So as a form of appreciation for the bands, the crowds performed a "mud baptism" of sorts with the bands that they liked. Green Day got into the spirit of it (as seen in the video). Same thing happened with Nine Inch Nails and their set on the main stage (but no mudfights).
While NIN's played above our heads. Was interesting to see how the venue looked from behind (or beneath in my case) the viewpoint of the general audience. Miles and miles of electrical cables and generators down there. Cables the size of pythons. Huge. Place was insane. I wound up almost getting the shit beaten out of me by an onstage security guard who tried to stop me from following my girlfriend (who was on a stretcher that was carried along one of the video / film trolley ramps) above and running around buck naked in the mud (just wearing baked on mud as "clothing" ... they were known as the "mud people" and even Melissa Ethridge made note of the mud people who formed a conga line and snaked their way to the front of the stage during her set). I watched a dude get arrested and led off the grounds who was buck naked. Cops just walked him down the street like it happened every day. Nobody batted an eye. The whole festival was a nightmare.
So the mud throwing was the crowd's way of dissolving the "barrier" between both the band (onstage) and the audience (in the mud) as either a form of appreciation, or a form of bane disgust. I mentioned elsewhere that NIN (Nine Inch Nails) came out onstage covered head to toe in mud prior to their set, and they did so to show unity with the rest of the crowd because, as I mentioned, you couldn't go anywhere without getting muddy.
Security guy got me in a bear hug grasp and was just about to make me into a pile of mush when I screamed at the top of my lungs that "I'm with the girl on the stretcher!" before letting me go. So no, not really good memories of the whole thing. Heh.
To be honest with you, no... Not really. Reason being is that we paid so much money for the tickets (which wound up being worth nothing as anyone could get in to see the bands), travelled so far to get there from out of state, slogged through all of that mud, left a brand new tent behind because it was covered in mud, and of all things, during NIN's set, my girlfriend decided to wander off and had a bit of a medical emergency which caused her (and I) to be taken beneath the main stage.
When we arrived late on the first night of the festival, there was nobody at the front gates ... anyone could waltz right on in. And we paid something like $175 for the tickets (after flying / driving from Atlanta to Saugerties, New York). Nobody there. People around the venue were charging people $100 and up to park / camp their cars in their front yards. But the cops... I've never seen so many cops in my life.

Billie Joe Armstrong: Ah, what is this, fucking free hippie love shit?
Mike Dirnt: How are you doin' y'all rich motherfuckers?
Welcome to Paradise
Mike Dirnt: Don't smoke the brown weed. Not green, but godammit.
Billie Joe Armstrong: The reason why everybody freaked out because this is the brown ass, beause this is the best shit.
Mike Dirnt: Can do the crime, don't do the time.
Billie Joe Armstrong: (laughs)
Mike Dirnt: Wait a minute. It's the (???). I'm fucking (???).
Billie Joe Armstrong: Look at you fucking dirty motherfuckers. Can you do one thing to me and I swear to God I'll leave you alone. Starting on that side can you do the wave?
Mike Dirnt: It's not a fuckin' baseball game, what the hell?
Billie Joe Armstrong: Okay, thanks. Ah, this is from our record that no one has.
One Of My Lies
Billie Joe Armstrong: Oh, lovely.
Mike Dirnt: Yeah, we suggest you throw mud. That's fun. Ah.
Billie Joe Armstrong: Throw mud at each other.
Mike Dirnt: Say the stupid things you can do to each other at one time. Hey, thanks.
Billie Joe Armstrong: Oh, thanks a lot.
Mike Dirnt: Looks like "Dookie" from here.
Billie Joe Armstrong: Oh, shit it's kaka. Poo poo. It's shit! It's shit! It's shit! Shit! I hate God! Shit!
Mike Dirnt: Ah.
Billie Joe Armstrong: (laughs) Oh, God.
Mike Dirnt: "Dookie"! Come on!
Billie Joe Armstrong: Anyway, the next song is called, uh, "Chump". Go!
Basket Case

Billie Joe Armstrong: Hey, what you funny little people! Funny lookin'! Oh, look at the guy with green hair! He's a punk rocker! Look! Look, he's even telling everybody. You fuckin' hippie. Oh, thank you very much!
Mike Dirnt: Because you eat shit, you won't die.
When I Come Around
Billie Joe Armstrong: The song's dedicated to everyone from '69! The song's called "Burnout".
M - You're mad because of rain, fuck you! I hope it rains so much you all get stuck!
Billie Joe Armstrong: Hold on a second I need to clean up my hands.
Mike Dirnt: Yeah, like, mud.
F.O.D. (Fuck Off And Die)
Paper Lanterns
Billie Joe Armstrong: Hey! This is the piece of walking energy! Alright, everybody on this side, say, "Rock and roll!"
Crowd members: ROCK AND ROLL!
Billie Joe Armstrong: Everybody on this side, say, "Shut the fuck up!"
Crowd members: SHUT THE FUCK UP!
Crowd member: You gotta fight! Oh, yay!
Billie Joe Armstrong: Future idiot. WALK AWAY, WALK AWAY, WALK AWAY, WALK AWAY! Hey, who's happy hippie? Alright, everybody. Be quiet, be very quiet. Don't say a word. Just be quiet! You fucking throwing mud at me! I'm not going to become a mud hippie! I don't care what you say! I don't care what you do! I don't wanna be a mud hippie! LIKE YOU! Ladies and gentlemen, [this is] Wavy Gravy! He's not a hippie, he's a punk rocker. He's idiot, just like you guys. Rock and roll!
Crowd members: Rock and roll!
Billie Joe Armstrong: Rock and roll!
Crowd members: Rock and roll!
Billie Joe Armstrong: Shut the fuck up!
Crowd members: Shut the fuck up!
Billie Joe Armstrong: Hey, everybody, say, "Shut the fuck up!" And we'll stop playing!
Crowd members: Shut the fuck up!
Billie Joe Armstrong: Okay, we're gone! Goodbye!

Type of recording

Both audio and video


1994-08-14 - Woodstock, Saugerties, NY, US.PRO.DVD
1994-08-14 - Woodstock Festival '94, Saugerties, NY, USA (DVD)
1994 - Woodstock & much more 'bootleg'
10/07/94 + 10/08/94 + 08/14/94 [DVD]
1994-08-14 Woodstock, includes 1994-06-29 & 1994-03-17


woodstock 94
woodstock 94
woodstock 94
woodstock 94
Woodstock & much more

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