Green Day Torrent
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06.10.1994, Christiania, Copenhagen, Denmark


Bad Religion's "Ain't Life A Mystery" tour, w/ Green Day, SNFU (Sept. 20 - Oct. 23; Green Day's support - Oct. 4 - Oct. 12)


1. Welcome to Paradise
2. Chump
3. Longview
4. Burnout
5. Christie Road
6. 2,000 Light Years Away
7. Basket Case
8. F.O.D. (Fuck Off And Die)
9. Paper Lanterns

- Other performers: Bad Religion (headliner), SNFU (opening band).
- "Green Day in Christiania:
Green Day has played several times in Denmark, including Roskilde Festival in 2005, The Forum in 2009 and Skive Festival in 2010. But it was an experience in 1991 that remained on the retina when Green Day had to share the stage with a loving couple. What is your best memory from your many concerts in Copenhagen? Is there anything that sticks back then, there were a couple who had sex on stage?
Billie: Oh my god!
Mike: We played in the Youth in Christiania, and there was some fucking crazy stuff there.
Billie: It was a 10-year anniversary, and we played at "punk night" and it was a crazy party. While we played, people started throwing beer, and I only had one guitar, so I had to play like this (showing how he protected the guitar). All of a sudden there were a few left that just went down. They were quite full and did so complacent on stage as they possibly could.
Mike: It was like Altamont (Free Speedway Festival), haha!
Billie: They both had military boots on."




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1994-10-06 - Live at the Christiania - Copenhagen, Denmark


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