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07.05.1998, Ed Sullivan Theater, New York, New York, USA



Late Show with David Letterman

1. Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)
Note: Billie Joe performing acoustically with orchestra.

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Mitch Schneider / Amanda Cagan:
Days Of Green And Chaos
"Green Day's on the rampage," says the band's drummer Tre Cool. In fact, Green Day – presently on their US headlining tour – are above the law and they're terrorizing the nation right now!
We caught up with Tre in New York City at the Ed Sullivan Theater where the group were doing the Late Show With David Letterman. That's where about 300 kids were waiting outside the backstage door with Green Day shirts on, ready to get their autographs. The fans all had baby barrettes in their green and red hair and there were some metallers too.
Barreling their way into New York City, Green Day delivered a one-two-three knockout punch. Lead singer Bille Joe Armstrong performed "Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)" acoustically on the Late Show With David Letterman with (wait a second–this can't be punk) a proper string quartet. It was a classy touch, and the reliably volatile Tre Cool (whose musical services were not required) decided to undermine it, running maniacally across the stage at the song's conclusion and then into the audience.

David Letterman: Our next guest is one third of a Grammy Award-winning band ... this is not your starting normal line-up for Green Day, rather than a different configuration, and it's gonna be great. Where's the drummer? The thing I like about when we have a show, at the end of the song the drummer runs around and hurts himself.
Audience: (laughs)
David Letterman: Will you do that tonight, even though you're not in the ... There they are, over there. Are these guys looking for a day labourers? So everything they need done around the house. Our next guest is one third of Grammy Award-winning band whose current CD is called "Nimrod". Please welcome, Billie Joe of Green Day.
Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)
David Letterman: How are you doing? This is a beautiful song. Green Day! We'll be right back!

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