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05.05.1993, The Cricketer, Wigan, England




1. Black Sabbath
2. 2,000 Light Years Away
3. One Of My Lies
4. At the Library
5. Welcome to Paradise
6. Only Of You
7. Christie Road
8. Going to Pasalacqua
9. Burnout
10. 16
11. Paper Lanterns
12. Knowledge
Note: Operation Ivy cover.
13. Road To Acceptance

1. Food Around The Corner
Note: A song from "An Itch In Time" cartoon.
2. Dominated Love Slave
3. Disappearing Boy
Note: With snippets of "I Don't Know" by Ozzy Osbourne and "Sweet Home Alabama by Lynyrd Skynyrd".

- Other performers: Raging Kipper, others.
- "Early on in 1993, Green Day pulled into the industrial wasteland of Wigan for a date at the town's popular (and picturesque) venue The Cricketer! It was the second time the soon-to-be US sensations had hauled into Wigan, where they went down a storm!"
- "One member of 300-plus crowd was music nut Paul Dolman, from neighbouring St. Helens! 'There seemed to be this really in-the-know underground scene,' Paul recalls. 'And me and a few mates thought we'd give it a go. I mean, it wasn't like there was a lot else going on for £2 on a rainy Wednesday night in Wigan!'"
- "It felt like we had suddenly tapped into something that was really happening. Back then, it was all on a really tiny level, with people coming round saying, 'Right then, can anyone help out with a spare room for the bands?'!"
- "Green Day were tight as fuck. They just plugged in, piled through it and did the business. I remember Billie Joe made this kid in the audience swallow a 50p coin! The promoter was a local guy who ran a toy shop! He just did because he was a fan!"
- "The band were the dog's bollocks. They were like, 'This is it, here we go, if you don't like it, tough shit!' And then they fucked off - but not before Billie Joe gobbed into the air and caught it again with his mouth! Punk, or what?!"


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Billie Joe Armstrong: So, anyways, last we were here we saw the most ridiculous Christmas play and... No-no-no-no, yeah, it was bad. It was really bad.
Mike Dirnt: I was Santa Claus!
Billie Joe Armstrong: I was a schizophrenic wise man who thought I was three.
Mike Dirnt: Tre was Virgin Larry.
Billie Joe Armstrong: Ha! Larry! So, anyways, Tre left the band, we'll see you later, we have no drummer, we're quittin'... Good night! Girl, don't go away mad, just go away. Infamous words by a band called... Yeah, Motley Crue, singer Vince Neil. Yeah, I know! No, it was bad.
Crowd member: Michael Bolton!
Billie Joe Armstrong: Michael Bolton.
Black Sabbath
Billie Joe Armstrong: What is this that stands before me!? Foolish people right here. Anyone noticed on the first Black Sabbath cover is a girl standing in um... Excuse me, woman... Standing front of, uh... Standing in front of... In, um... In, uh... Uh, graveyard. Is anything on the cover references the record? Does that mean anything? Maybe we should get on with today?
Crowd members: Yeah!!!
Mike Dirnt: Nah! This is awesome.
Billie Joe Armstrong: Everybody say, "Get on with it, Tre!"
Crowd members: Get on with it, Tre!
Billie Joe Armstrong: Anyways, the first song is called "2,000 Light Years Away".
2,000 Light Years Away
One Of My Lies
Billie Joe Armstrong: Thanks! Someone lost some money. Anybody wanna claim it? No.
Mike Dirnt: I've heard of the person who'll eat it. Ah!
Billie Joe Armstrong: So, anyone eat it? Would you eat it? Come here. No-no-no, come here. Alright, should we give him the small one, or the big one that's gonna go down his throat and make him die in front of everybody!
Mike Dirnt: Wait, wait, wait, I've got a better idea. Swallow the small one and put the big one in backwards.
Crowd members: Yay!!!
Billie Joe Armstrong: Bet your tummy is worth, uh... I don't know, but it's worth something.
At The Library
Billie Joe Armstrong: Okay... Flash! That white thing right there, don't stagedive into it. Usually when you stagedive that way, I don't know, white thing up there. But, uh, don't hit that because Down By Law said they might play Wigan next week, and the (???)...
Mike Dirnt: That really expensive VCR!
Billie Joe Armstrong: Oh, this thing! This what?! It's a dog's dick? Mine's a strange dog...
Mike Dirnt: That's the dog on TV, right?
Billie Joe Armstrong: Welcome to paradise!
Welcome to Paradise
Billie Joe Armstrong: There's one thing, how come you never play the song, uh, [Ice-T's] "Body Count"? That's all, "Body Count"! I meant the whole time Ice-T was going, "I wanna see some body count talk down there!" Blowing whistles and shit.
Only Of You
Billie Joe Armstrong: (???) tonight is going to be right here.
Mike Dirnt: I'll do a lot of speed, drop some acid and be walking dead through the night. Hectical!
Billie Joe Armstrong: Alright, hey, whoa. Hey, hey, whoa! On the road again... Anyways, the next song's, uh... Whoa, where did that come from? (???) Can you play it... Can you play a little biddy? Well, you can! Should he stay or should he go now?
Mike Dirnt: That's right! And now, for the next trick, we're gonna have to eat the harmonica!
Billie Joe Armstrong: Anyways, the next song is called "Christie Road".
Christie Road
Going To Pasalacqua
Billie Joe Armstrong: This watch. Has anybody found this watch? Anybody know? No. Oh, thanks, alright, thank you very much!
Mike Dirnt: A sack of gold! Or a gold sack! Did anyone lose a gold sack or a sack of gold? Or a sack of quids? Quids are like (???).
Billie Joe Armstrong: I don't know, I don't think this is clipstick. (???) Anyways, the next song is about burning out. That's why it's called "Burnout".
Billie Joe Armstrong: That song was entitled "Burnout". (???)
Mike Dirnt: (???)
Billie Joe Armstrong: Everybody do this!
Paper Lanterns
Mike Dirnt: Cheers. Hey! You know what, the other night we played a show in Tunbridge Wells and so many people showed up we had to ride home. Because a dumb BART station, or a train station doesn't work all night! Right? So, tonight, there's gonna be so many people that don't have a ride to wherever they're going. So, wait, wait-wait, no-no-no... Fuck automobiles, right? So, if you got have a place that we can crash at tonight, on your floor, so that we can take a train in the morning, that'd be really appreciated. If it's, like, right next to the catbox in the kitchen, we don't care as long as it's place to stay. It doesn't matter. So, if you're a really nice person, you'll come up to stay right after the show!
Billie Joe Armstrong: I'm a really big jerk and don't do anything, that's what I'm doin', right!
Road To Acceptance
Billie Joe Armstrong: So, anyways, this is our last song and this is our last show of this outing. We're supposed to do a four-year tour, right? Wrong. Mike's girlfriend... In Irvine, California Mike's girlfriend was having a pillow fight and, uh, Mike lost. Mike went right into a pole, had six stitches in his head, a whiplash, one broken arm and one sprained elbow. Let's hear it for Mike! (???) So this is our last song. Heckle me. Okay, here's the moody part. Okay.
Tre Сool: Alright! Alright, we're in. You guys are fuckin'... You guys are good at (???). You know I've got (???).
Mike Dirnt: (???) get some videotapes, and watch our Christmas play from last year.
Tre Сool: Can I have a tape? Whoever owns this...
Mike Dirnt: Someone please give us a TV and a VCR so we can tape the tape home and watch it.
Billie Joe Armstrong: Say "fuck off"! I've got something here. O.S. O'Rearden. O'Rearden? Is that you?
Tre Сool: I (???) Green Day, but now, like, it's time to change places a little bit. We're Green Grass! Kiss my hell... (???) Come on, boy! And bring your dog with ya.
Food Around The Corner
Dominated Love Slave

Tre Сool: We've got one left.
Disappearing Boy
Billie Joe Armstrong: Thanks a lot.

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