Green Day Torrent
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17.06.2002, Target Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA


Pop Disaster Tour

01 - Maria

02 - Longview

03 - Welcome To Paradise

04 - Hitchin' A Ride

05 - Brain Stew

06 - Jaded

07 - 2,000 Light Years Away

08 - Knowledge

09 - Basket Case

10 - She

11 - King for a Day

12 - Waiting

13 - Minority

14 - When I Come Around

15 - Minessota Girl

16 - Good Riddance

Review :

We arrived at the Target Center about 6 pm and I was worried that we would be late because the show started at 7 pm , but we weren't. We had pit tickets and at first we were about 20 feet away from the stage and we kept moving closer. When Saves the Day came on, only a few people were into it. I didnt think they were that good but I might have just been, because I was so excited to see Green Day. After Saves the Day was done, we had to wait like 30 minutes for Green Day but it was worth the wait. When they turned the lights off, everyone started to scream. they started to play Maria. After Maria they played Longview and Welcome to Paradise. Then Billie Joe started making everyone chant "Heyooooh" about twenty times and the he started massaging his breast and still saying oh. He slowly moved his hand down in his pants and you know. and then when he was done he said that he would like to a apologize to his father in law. When they played Knoweldge they picked a kid who was like ten to play bass. Billie Joe gave a guitar to the guy who got picked to play guitar. I saw him carrying it around later. At the end of the show the stage crew though like 5 boxes of foam fuck you fingers into the crowd and every one had like little tiny pieces of them. Blink were so awful that we left.

I went and saw Green Day on the last night of the tour here in Minnesota at the Target Center. I got there about 2 hours early. First thing I bought some Green Day shirts. Then went and sat down and heard some band play. Then Saves The Day came on. They were OK. I love them but they kind of suck live. Although they're good live in smaller places. Then we waited like half an hour, during that time a bunny came out and drank and was smoking weed. That was funny and then Green Day came on. The played Maria first. And went into all there older songs Longview, Welcome to Paradise. Then they did as always has 3 people come up and play Knowledge. They let the guitar player keep the guitar which was cool. Then the play Basket Case, When I Come Around and some others. They played shout which was cool and 2,000 Light Years Away. And then it ended and Billie Joe played Time of Your Life. Then we got up and walked around before blink came on. I didn't want to watch Blink but I had to sit through them because the people I were with wanted to see them. Overall I thought they sucked. They kept making stupid ass jokes and saying gross things and it wasnt funny at all. The only partsthat were good is when Green Day came out in the middle of the set and were drinking and stuff, and the drumming thing was sweet. Then the show ended I waited alwhile after for green day to go to their buses but they never came, probally out getting drunk somewhere. Oh, well. I think the concert kicked ass well Green Day at least did.

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