Green Day Torrent
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17.04.1998, Bottom Of The Hill, San Francisco, California, USA



MTV's Ten Spot / Secret show

Set I:
1. Going to Pasalacqua
2. Nice Guys Finish Last
3. Hitchin' A Ride
4. The Grouch
5. Geek Stink Breath
6. Welcome to Paradise
7. Longview
8. Brain Stew
9. She
10. Redundant
Note: Performed acapella, because Mike broke his nose.
11. Disappearing Boy
12. Basket Case
Note: A fan (Gavin Freitas of Debris) on guitar, Billie Joe on bass.
13. Prosthetic Head
14. When I Come Around
15. Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)
16. One of My Lies

Note: May be incomplete or out of order.

Set II:
Last Ride In
All The Time
All By Myself
Dominated Love Slave
I Wanna Be On TV
Note: Fang cover.
One For The Razorbacks
Platypus (I Hate You)
J.A.R. (Jason Andrew Relva)
Note: Cheap Trick cover.
Blitzkrieg Bop
Note: Ramones cover. Chris Freeman of Pansy Division on bass.
Johnny B. Goode
Note: Chuck Berry cover. Chris Freeman of Pansy Division on bass.
My Generation
Note: The Who cover. Unknown MTV worker and Lewis Largent on vocals, Rob Cavallo on guitar.
James Bondage
Note: Pansy Division cover. Chris Freeman of Pansy Division on bass.
Who Wrote Holden Caulfield?
Don't Wanna Fall In Love

Note: Incomplete.

- Other performers: N/A


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Credit: motherofmoonghost

Credit: Unknown

Steve Baltin:
Green Day Wreak Havoc In San Francisco
In what's become par for the course, Green Day have once again gone haywire at a few appearances.
On Friday (April 17), the band - singer/guitarist Billie Joe Armstrong, bassist Mike Dirnt, and drummer Tre Cool - taped a performance for MTV's Live from the 10 Spot at the Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco for contest winners, when Dirnt hit his nose with his bass during "She," bloodying up his face and causing him to leave the stage. Armstrong then pulled Gavin Freitas from the band Debris onstage to play guitar while he played bass on "Basket Case." Dirnt returned to the stage for two more songs - nose fully bleeding.
After the taping, the band played for an hour and 45 minutes for the 200 or so winners. The encore set included Cheap Trick's "Surrender," the Ramones' "Blitzkrieg Bop," Chuck Berry's "Johnny B. Goode," the Who's "My Generation" (with their producer Rob Cavallo on guitar), and Pansy Division's "James Bondage" with Pansy's bassist/ singer Chris Freeman. Freeman also joined the band onstage for the Ramones and Berry covers. MTV VP Lewis Largent joined the band onstage for "My Generation."

Jay Glaze:
One day I was online and I saw that they were having a contest at and they were giving away free tickets to Idiot Club members and all you had to do was talk about how much Green Day means to you. Me being a fan since Kerplunk, since living in San Jose, before moving to San Diego in 1994 and that was when Dookie just went crazy and sold millions.
But anyways, yeah, I wrote to them and told that I wanted tickets and Lisa (president of Idiot Club) e-mailed me back and said that me and a friend could go to the show. I starting bouncing off my walls with joy. All I had to do was convince my parents to let me go. That took awhile, I thought to myself if they didn't let me go. I'll just pull a Laurie L. story from the layout of Kerplunk. Just kidding!
I picked my friend Josh to go to the show with me, 'cause he's always got cash and we caught a train in downtown San Diego and took a bus from Los Angeles to the San Francisco. Along the way on the train, we met different kinds of people. I met a cool girl who was on her way home to some city called Merced. She was a fan of Green Day and we chatted until her stop. I told her where I was going and she didin't beleive me, so I told her to watch MTV. We exchanged phone numbers, I gave her a hug and she was gone.
In Los Angeles, Josh was chatting with some Marine dude for hours, so I just slept, cause we had to wait for bus to the city and I think we waited for like 3 hours. Well, anyways, bus arrived and we were on are way to Frisco. We met a lot of old people on that bus. I remember some lady asking me if my hair got caught in something. I was wrestling with some dog that attacked me, she smiled and told me to be careful.
We arrived in the city near Pier 39. That's when me and Josh had to put heads together and find out where we had to meet Lisa. I had the address, but with no directions on how to get from Pier 39 to Lisa. So we got lost and Josh was getting uptight. Then I asked some bum for directions and he said he would for a ciggarette and he walked us to Warner Bros. That's where we met Lisa, she was cool. She was wearing black circle shades. She told us to come back at 5 and meet up with everyone else and then take the "Nimrod" bus to the club. She also said that she couldn't tell where the club was. At that time, it was a real mystery.
Me and Josh went to McDonald's, played video games and then came back on marked down and Lisa gave us the tickets and we jumped onto the bus. That's where we met all the Green Day Idiot Club members. It was cool, though. We listened to Green Day in the bus with all the fans on the way to the "Bottom of the Hill". When we pulled into a street on the side of the club a girl ran by the side of the bus and ripped the Nimrod banner off. It was a friend of Gavin, the guy who later during the show plays "Disappearing Boy" and "Basket Case" with Billie Joe.
We got off the bus and headed to the club which had a huge MTV bus and a lot of security guards in front. They made me to take off my studded belt and chain wallet. I told them that I better get it back or I'll sue them. They told me that I would and I did in the end of the show. "Bottom Of The Hill" was perfect for a Green Day show. Looking around in a daze at all the neon banners on the side. It was a great place. So we made it to the left side of the stage only one person was in front of us. I had the camera on the side right in my face, from what I heard and X girlfriend of mine said she saw me. That's why I've been dying to see the video of the show. We were talking to fans and then the MTV DJ Toby came out and was doing takes for commercial stops. Everyone was screaming behind him and you could barely hear what he was saying. That just pumped me up for Green Day and all the fans too.
Green Day came running out like ragging lunatics. Billie had a Bud and his guitar in his hand and they went into there normal "Going to Pasalacqua". They played a set for MTV and during "She", Mike hit himself in the nose with his bass, I didin't see what happened, but I heard that. I was running around in the pit. After the MTV taped their set, Green Day played songs for all the fans that showed up and I thought that was coolest thing. What a great band Green Day is! They played b-sides like "Desensitized" and "J.A.R." They played songs they didin't usually play on the "Nimrod" tour like "All The Time", "Playtpus", "Last Ride In", "Espionage", and some old songs from Kerplunk and Slappy. One of Billie's brothers came for dance to "Jaded". Actually he didn't dance. He just stood there and then jumped into the crowd. I heard Aaron Cometbus was the guy who wore the mask in the pit. But, to this date, I still don't know if that was him.
Oh, yeah! Rob Cavallo played bass for awhile and Chris Freeman (Pansy Division's bass player) played too. Some other MTV guy sang "My Generation". Green Day played over 30 songs that night, I think.
Tre came on the nimrod bus and told everyone to have a blast with everything. He said to have fun and do what you want! My friend Josh gave him a ring that said "PIMP" on it. I wonder if Tre still has the ring.


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Green Day Bottom Of The Hill & Bizarre Festival
1998 MTV's Live at the 10 Spot
Green Day - April 17th, 98 Bottom of The Hill, San Francisco, CA, USA (Uncut) - joangnr


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