Green Day Torrent
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03.02.1998, Elysee Montmarte, Paris, France


01 - Welcome to paradise

02 - Geek stink breath

03 - Nice guys finish last

04 - Hitchin a ride

05 - The grouch

06 - Chump

07 - Longview

08 - 2000 light years away

09 - Brain stew

10 - Jaded

11 - Knowledge

12 - Basketcase

13 - She

14 - FOD

15 - Paper Lanterns

16 - Scattered

17 - Prosthetic Head

18 - When I come around

19 - Good Riddance

Review from Philou :
The huge crowd waited in front of the Elysée Montmartre so all of the three we pushed and got in, anyway we meet D Generation who thinks that we were  members from the staff, we talked and chilled, another group of New York. Green Day arrives, we shake hands with Billie Joe who wasn't very talkative during this period, we exchange a few words. After it's the turn of Mike, who is more fresh and more talkative, we exchange a few words. After, Tré comes in and he was stinking a lot with weed (you could smell that with your whole nose), he had problems and difficulties to climb up the stairs with his stoned eyes and his football ball ( and yes, a ball, athletic persons, not sure during this period ...). The security gets us out, the doors open, and here is D Generation who starts with quite good songs and after here comes GREEN DAY !!!!!! Explosion with WELCOME TO PARADISE, a lot of other songs after : Hitchin a Ride, Nice Guys Finish Last, Basket Case, She, Take Back, Prosthetic Head ... anyway a lot of other songs but it's complicated to remember after 7 years ... A poweful show (ahhhhh, the trio period snifff ...), decibels who were limited were fully increased. For the little story, Billie Joe choosed me to come on stage, i get ahold of the barriers and a fucking security guy who was backwards turns from the stage at this moment and pushes me to the left to the surrounding wall . Fucking bastard, fantasm or reality ?
Billie Joe gets up on the surrounding walls  and plays in front of me, and giving me a blink. Every sound of the snare drum has an heart attack in front of the surrounding wall so i go for rythms that never finish ...
The shows ends with Time Of Your Life played by Billie on his strat ... And here finish!!!
Fucking awesome show!!!
We get out all wet as if we went to the swimming pool, here is a PUNK ROCK SHOW!!!!!!

- Cédric Rizzo : Elysée Montmartre 1998, my first and only stage dive and a small football game with the band before the show ... year of the World Cup must !

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Both audio and video


02.03.98 Elysee Montmarte, Paris, France DVD + Madison Square Garden 94 Right Angle
1998 A Day Out In Paris - CD Bootleg [SBD]


A Day Out In Paris

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