Green Day Torrent
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25.08.1995, Little John's Farm, Richfield Avenue, Reading, England


"Dookie" European tour, leg 3, w/ Riverdales (Aug. 25 - Sept. 22)

Reading Festival

1. Welcome to Paradise
2. Jaded
3. Chump
4. Longview
5. Burnout
6. Geek Stink Breath
7. Armatage Shanks
8. Knowledge
Note: Operation Ivy cover. Aborted because someone was getting hurt in mosh pit.
9. 2,000 Light Years Away
10. Basket Case
11. She
12. F.O.D. (Fuck Off And Die)
13. Knowledge
Note: Operation Ivy cover. With snippets of "Eye of the Tiger" by Survivor, "We're Not Gonna Take It" by Twisted Sister and "Master of Puppets" by Metallica.
14. Paper Lanterns

1. When I Come Around
2. Road To Acceptance

- Other performers: The Smashing Pumpkins, Hole, Teenage Fanclub, Beck, dEUS, Juliana Hatfield, China Drum, Björk, Paul Weller, The Boo Radleys, Tricky, Throwing Muses, Shed Seven, Corduroy, Little Axe, Skunk Anansie, James Hall, Neil Young, Soundgarden, Pavement, Mudhoney, Buffalo Tom, Babes in Toyland, White Zombie, Blind Melon, Pennywise, Gene, Menswear, Stereolab, Marion, Guided by Voices, Whale, Moist, Weknowwhereyoulive, Scarce, Heather Nova, The Cardigans, Foo Fighters, Echobelly, Drugstore, Electrafixion, The Bluetones, My Life Story, Snuff, 60 Ft. Dolls, Powder, Kaliphz, Puressence, Heavy Stereo, Embassy, Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine, Monster Magnet, These Animal Men, Reef, Ash,Vent, Paw, Dub War, Silverchair, Geraldine Fibbers, Cast, Animals That Swim, Bullyrag, PeepshowSpace, Solar Race, Speedway, Clafanes, Cable, Understand, Joyrider, Prolapse, Flying Saucer Attack, Thomas Ribeiro, Speedy, Hardbody, Pillbox, Boutique, Coast, Hooker, Spare Snare, Scarfo, Small, Pusherman, AC Acoustics, Flinch, Delicatessen, Crazy Gods of Endless Noise, Nilon Bombers, Clockwork Dogs, Star 69, Pullover, Livingstone, Super Furry Animals, Nyack, Longpigs, Elcka, Lick, Thurman, The Weekenders, The Mike Flowers Pops, Eddie Izzard, Will Durst, Jerry Sadowitz, Frank Sidebottom, Rich Hall, Jeff Green.
- BRAVO, 14th Sept. 1995: "The fans were impatiently waiting for a huge Green Day show. Billie Joe (with a three-day beard), Mike Dirnt and Tré Cool stormed onstage at 20:35 and showed the Brits what punk made in USA is: "Welcome to Paradise" opened their 60-minute set during which they raised a lot of dust. Billie Joe was swearing at the fans and occasionally spitting in the audience. Next to the hits like "Basket Case" and "When I Come Around", the punk-trio also played songs off the new album ("Geek Stink Breath"). At the end, Billie Joe returned to the stage once again and yelled: 'Punk is back!'"
- Kerrang!: " The Lowdown: With a line-up that included Smashing Pumpkins, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam with Neil Young, Foo Fighters, Hole, White Zombie, Ash and Reef, Reading '95 was one of the strongest festival bills ever assembled in UK. All eyes however were on the band booked into the 8:35 PM - 9:30 PM slot on Friday's Main Stage...
Lisa Johnson: Green Day were the hot new band, having exploded the previous summer in the States with "Dookie". Courtney Love has always had fairly good taste in, er, music, and she must have decided that Billie Joe Armstrong would be her new best friend. Hole played right before Green Day, and as Billie Joe walked from the stage, Courtney presented him with a bouquet of pink roses. As you can tell from the expression on his face, Billie Joe was a little confused by the gesture, but accepted them graciously. Hole's tour manager quickly stepped in to "run interference" so that Billie Joe could make a clean escape.
What happened next: Green Day returned to California to work on "Insomniac". Armstrong's lyrics on the new album concerned alienation, drug freakouts, fears over the effects of fame and paranoia. Wonder why?"


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Credit: Mick Hutson

Credit: Kevin Cummins

Credit: Kerrang!/Lisa Johnson

Credit: BRAVO, Sept. 14, 1995



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1995 Reading & Brixton
Reading Festival - Reading, UK - 8/25/95


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