Green Day Torrent
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27.05.1995, Henry J. Kaiser Convention Center, Oakland, California, USA



Benefit for "Food Not Bombs", "Berkeley Free Clinic", "San Francisco coalition on homelessness", "Haight-Ashbury Free Clinic"

1. 2,000 Light Years Away
2. Armatage Shanks
Note: First known perfomance.
3. Welcome to Paradise
4. Geek Stink Breath
Note: First known perfomance.
5. Chump
6. Longview
7. Brat
Note: First known perfomance.
8. Christie Road
9. She
10. Knowledge
Note: Operation Ivy cover.
11. Basket Case
12. F.O.D. (Fuck Off And Die)
13. Road to Acceptance
14. Paper Lanterns
15. Jaded
16. All By Myself
17. Dominated Love Slave
18. When I Come Around
19. Going to Pasalacqua

- Other performers: Pansy Division (opening act).
- "... Green Day made the tickets available to Idiot Club members first..."
- Jeff Ott: "Later I went to see Billie Joe's new baby and he asked me to figure out who to give a lot of tax-deductible money to. So I hooked him up with Food Not Bombs and the free clinics in the East and West Bay. I went to see one of the two shows from which they donated us the money. It was exactly like seeing Green Day before except there was ten thousand screaming kids. After the show I went to the doorway on Telegraph Avenue where I was sleeping at the time. As I was waiting to go to sleep I had sort of a hard time comprehending how I could be both homeless and capable of moving $150,000 to where I want it to go, all in the same day. Go figure."
- fromthenosebleeds: "Green Day's first time headlining in a big auditorium and this was a benefit where tickets were only $10, so naturally the place sold out!"
- "Green Day performed a pair of BENEFIT CONCERTS at the Henry Kaiser Auditorium in Oakland, CA, on May 27 and 28, 1995! I still have about 50 bruises from the tremendous mosh pit! But hey, Billie Joe spit on me, so could my life possibly get any better?? All of the profits were donated to Food Not Bombs, The Berkeley Free Clinic, The Haight Ashbury Free Clinic, and the SF Coalition on Homelessness. Green Day made the tickets available to Idiot Club members first! Another reason to join the Club! (As if you needed a reason!) During this concert, they previewed many new songs, such as "Brat", "Geek Stink Breath", "Armatage Shanks", "J.A.R.", and "Going Nowhere"(?)."
- "In 1995, I volunteered to drive my sister Jane to Oakland to see Green Day in a sold out show at the Henry J. Kaiser auditorium. Tickets were $10, but I didn't have one. After a two-hour drive from Sacramento, I was thrilled to find a genuine scalper near the door, and bought one of his general admission tickets for $15. This was my introduction to the secondary ticket market. Later, my friend Julie Carniero listened to my experience and let me in on a secret of ticket scalping: The price of a ticket drops rapidly as the show begins. If you wait until after the show has started, you could probably get a ticket "for a pack of cigarettes"."


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Joel Selvin:
Green Day In Oakland
Popular Berkeley-based rockers Green Day will appear in a benefit show May 27 at Henry J. Kaiser Auditorium in Oakland.
Tickets to the unadvertised show will go on sale Sunday and cost $10. They will be available at BASS outlets and at the Oakland Coliseum and Warfield Theatre box offices. Proceeds will benefit the Haight Ashbury Free Clinic, Berkeley Free Clinic, Food Not Bombs and the S.F. Coalition on Homelessness.
Green Day, whose major-label debut, "Dookie," sold more than 7 million copies in 1994, last appeared in the Bay Area at the Lollapalooza Festival last summer at Shoreline Amphitheatre.
Opening the show at the Kaiser Auditorium will be Pansy Division, another Bay Area-based rock band.


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1995-05-27 - Live at the Henry Kaiser Auditorium - Oakland, CA


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