Green Day Torrent
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17.08.1991, Vino's, Little Rock, Arkansas, USA




1. I Was There
2. Don't Leave Me
3. 409 In Your Coffeemaker
4. Only Of You
5. One for the Razorbacks
6. 16
7. Paper Lanterns
Note: With snippet of "Blue Moon Of Kentucky" by The Blue Grass Boys.
8. Disappearing Boy
Note: With snippet of "Sweet Home Alabama" by Lynyrd Skynyrd.
9. Christie Road
10. At the Library
11. Private Ale
12. 1,000 Hours
13. Going to Pasalacqua
14. Knowledge
Note: Operation Ivy cover.
15. Road to Acceptance

- Other performers: Trusty (opening act).
- Joy Ritchey: "I remember driving some of us to Memphis the night before this show to see Green Day at the Antenna. I took tons of photos but gave them away awhile ago to a disabled kid here who loves them or I'd send some to Richard to post. I think Billie Joe was interviewed that night after the show for Fluke. Anyway, they were really nice to us. Like Jason said, after the show in LR the next night there was a party at Catherine's. I remember a very competitive game of catagories on the diving board. Green Day wrote, I don't know in what, maybe chalk?, a big thank you and love you to Catherine and everyone for being so hospitable before they left that night. The next year they played again and almost as soon as they got on stage they asked if she was there. But she was out to dinner with her parents, so no pool party that year."
- Jason White: "Step By Step and crew had met them briefly after they were too late for our show in Memphis a year before on their first tour. Now Tre was in the band and in full effect. They were great. They had just gotten robbed in New Orleans and had no money and were wearing borrowed clothes. Billie Joe had on a shirt with a pig on the front and back. He announced a new song called "One For The Razorbacks... and I'm not kidding." After the show, everyone went swimming at Catherine McCrae's house. A familiar post-show ritual that summer."
- Burt Taggart: "Green Day lands in Little Rock for the night to a sold out show in the steamy back room of Vino's. In a strange twist of fate, Chino Horde's Jason White ends up on stage to help sing on the Operation Ivy cover "Knowledge". Some 12 years later, Jason will join them onstage again, this time hired by Green Day as a second guitarist on their Warning tour."
- Richard Matson: "It's kind of hard to picture Green Day playing to 300 kids in a dingy LR backroom today, but in 1990 the band was a little known pop-punk three piece out of Oakland with songs about meeting girls at the library. I'm pretty sure this was the first time any of us had seen a performer spits lugis in the air and catch them in his mouth."
- Watch "Henry Lee talks about Green Day" here: click


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Credit: Colette Tucker


Billie Joe Armstrong: Get your asses in here.
I Was There
Billie Joe Armstrong: Thanks a lot, can I get some vocals in the monitors? Turn up the vocals please. I can't hear in the monitors at all. Oh shit, thanks a lot. Thanks for coming back in. Check, check. This song's off our "39/Smooth" LP.
Don't Leave Me
Billie Joe Armstrong: Thanks.
Mike Dirnt: In case your wondering, (???) one of my shoes fell out of the van today.
Billie Joe Armstrong: Ah shit, this next song is about all the shit I went through during high school. This song is off our "Slappy" EP. This song's called "409 In Your Coffeemaker".
409 In Your Coffemaker
Billie Joe Armstrong: I sing a song to you. My brown-eyed girl.
Only of You
Billie Joe Armstrong: Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you very much! Last time we were in Arkansas... We were in Arkansas last year for 5 seconds. We're playing. We were supposed to play this show in Memphis, And you know that, you guys know that bridge that goes from Memphis through Arkansas?
Crowd members: Yeah.
Billie Joe Armstrong: Yeah.
Mike Dirnt: Oops!
Billie Joe Armstrong: Well, anyways, that... That bridge right there we went across. We were like, "Oh dude, we're in Memphis. Where's the show? And all of a sudden there's a sign that says "Welcome to Arkansas". Oops. So, anyways, we got back into Arkansas. Speaking of Arkansas... Male bonding right there, bud. Male bonding right there, alright brother. Alright. Hey man, maybe I should take my shirt off, too. Anyways, this is a song about some people, no there's. This song is not about people, but a girl. This songs about a girl that lived in Fayetteville, Arkansas. This songs called "One for the Razorbacks". And I'm not kidding. Named Juliette.
One for the Razorbacks
Billie Joe Armstrong: Hold on, I broke a string. Does anyone from (???) have a G string?
Crowd member(s): James is on his way.
Billie Joe Armstrong: James is on his way, thank you James, James saving the day. Let's hear it for James.
Mike Dirnt: He's coming right through the middle. I see his head right now. James! James! James! James! James! James! James! James! James!
Billie Joe Armstrong: James!
Tre Сool: We got in a wreck yesterday.
Billie Joe Armstrong: (???) One broken guitar string. Doh-doh, last time we played at the Antenna Club. Music videos boy, oh yeah. Peace, peace, alright. Uh, so anyways this is the time where we bring someone out of the crowd to tell a story. He's gonna tell us, what's your name?
Jason White: My name's Jason.
Billie Joe Armstrong: What? Jason? This is Jason. Jason's gonna tell you guys a story, alright? Alright. Let's hear it for Jason, dammit.
Jason White: Thank you, it's a very emotional time for me right now, so excuse me. I was walking down the street one day...
Crowd member(s): I just wanna say one thing, anybody who has a (???) if your shirt ran because they went dry bring them to our next show, we'll trade you out, because I noticed some of them were doing that because we didn't dry them. We were in a big hurry and, but if you, so if you bring them to our next show, we'll trade you for a new one. I'm sorry, anyways, now back to Jason.
Jason White: I was walking down the street one say and, uh, the dog decided to sniff my crotch and I thought that I, uh, you know, I said, "Wait a minute". I don't like dogs, why are they doing this to me and this other little girls they were with the dog and they were going, "God, you have a nice dog, and a very pretty dog, I like your dog", and I was like, "Wait a minute, you know, I.. I don't like this dog. This dog's sniffing my crotch". And I couldn't think of anything better to do, I mean. This is like a bad, bad joke isn't it? Yes, so anyway, I'm... I was walking. OK, so what's the difference between a hen and a chicken? There isn't any. Jesus Christ, what do you think, I am Ghandi or something? Alright, alright. This next joke goes out to, uh, Jason White. Wait, what's the difference between one eye and two eyes? I don't know, Jesus Christ! Isn't that amazing?
Billie Joe Armstrong: Let's have a big hand for Jason! Woo-hoo! Come here, come here, dammit! Now this is how your suppose to scream. Now watch this. You're a big guy.
Billie Joe Armstrong: Woo-hoo!
Paper Lanterns

Billie Joe Armstrong: Thanks a lot.
Billie Joe Armstrong: Ah, fuck it, this song's called the "Disappearing Boy".
Disappearing Boy
Billie Joe Armstrong: I broke another goddamn string.
Crowd member(s): Hey, you guys... You don't know what the fuck slamming is? Slamming isn't violent, it's agressive, we're not seeing who we can punch, assholes.
Billie Joe Armstrong: Just go with it and have a good time. You don't need to beat the shit out of each other, fuck.
Mike Dirnt: Especially fun picking up the girls when they fall down.
Tre Сool: Shake your butt a whole bunch.
Billie Joe Armstrong: I broke a D-string. We got more male bonding. Alright, nice to see you guys are buds.
Tre Сool: What string did you break there, Billie?
Billie Joe Armstrong: The D.
Tre Сool: What string?
Billie Joe Armstrong: The D!
Tre Сool: What?
Billie Joe Armstrong: Hey, ladies and gentlemen, this is Tre Cool. I want to give you an example of, of what you don't want to be. This is Tre, Tre Cool.
Tre Сool: I'm the guy your mommy warned you about, I'm the guy your mommy fantasizes about.
Billie Joe Armstrong: Alright, since we're all used to me changing my fucking strings. This is how you straighten a string, OK. You take this part right here and you stick it in the back, in the hole. Hey, I didn't say anything. You're the ones who started screaming and yelping and wincing and crying.
Crowd member(s): Who?
Billie Joe Armstrong: Who you. Somebody asked me if I surf the other day.
Mike Dirnt: Do you surf?
Billie Joe Armstrong: I don't surf.
-Mike Dirnt: Real men surf.
Billie Joe Armstrong: Mike surfs, Mike's a surfing guy.
Mike Dirnt: I surf, yeah, I surf.
Billie Joe Armstrong: He surfs.
Mike Dirnt: I hunt to.
Billie Joe Armstrong: Didn't get your name. Oh, my name, oh my... My mom... I got my name, because my mom was on drugs.
Mike Dirnt:  Hey, I heard you were (???).
Billie Joe Armstrong: My mom's originally from Oklahoma. OK, here we go. This is a new song. This next song is a song about a road where we like to hang out and drink and stuff like that at home. What? Artemus pile? Artemus Pile? Artemus Pile? What the fuck? Artemus Pile? A guitar player from the, the drummer from the.
Mike Dirnt: Next song, next song!
Billie Joe Armstrong: This song is dedicated to Mr. Pile, is that his name? Artemus Pile? This song is called "Christie Road".
Christie Road
Billie Joe Armstrong: Thanks, this song is off our "39/Smooth" LP. This song is called... Uh, ya.
1,000 Hours
Going to Pasalacqua
Billie Joe Armstrong: Thanks a lot, we've got a couple left. We had a lot of fun with this one last night.
Mike Dirnt: (???) by the side door please.
Billie Joe Armstrong: Thanks a lot, thanks a lot. You guys and we had fun. This is our last song. Thanks a lot for coming and shit like that. We've got t-shirts for sale. If anybody wants to buy them, you know how that goes.
Mike Dirnt: They'll be like out front. So like 4-6 depending on how they look.
Billie Joe Armstrong: 6 bucks. Don't let our roadies tell you any different, they might try to swindle you out of some money. Thanks a lot.
Road to Acceptance
Billie Joe Armstrong: Thanks a lot.
Mike Dirnt: Thanks a lot. We got shirts for sale outside, or out front, or something like that. Thank you.

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1991-08-17 - Live at Vino's - Little Rock, AR


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