Green Day Torrent
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25.08.2012, Reading Festival, Reading, England


01. Welcome to Paradise
02. Murder City
03. Know Your Enemy
04. Stay the Night
05. Oh Love
06. Holiday
07. Burnout
08. Hitchin' a Ride
09. Letterbomb
10. Brain Stew
11. St. Jimmy
12. Longview
13. Basket Case
14. American Idiot
15. Minority
16. She

- Green Day wanted to be a surprise gig, so they didn't announce anything until 45 minutes before they played. Rumours started floating a week before the show, and got stronger with them getting asked by Zane Lowe on Radio 1, and being totally obvious about it.
- There were also rumours that they were going to play Dookie entirely, but that got knocked down when Billie uploaded a photo of the setlist on his instagram account.
- They were scheluded to play only for an hour, but they got prepared a setlist for almost two hours, so they have some troubles with the festival organisers. They managed to play for an hour and 20 minutes.
- After St. Jimmy, there was a bit of Boulevard Of Broken Dreams but they decided to skip it since they didn't have much time and festival organisers were pretty pissed off.
- In the middle of American Idiot, you can see someone of the crew trying to drag Billie Joe out of the stage, but he got away from him and keep on doing a solo. You can see this crew guy laughing, so it's correct to assume they were joking about the organisers being pissed off.

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Both audio and video


Green Day Live At the Reading Festival MKV
2012.08.25 - Reading Festival, Reading, England [DVD]
Stay the Night (Reading) Let Yourself Go (Red 7) Oh Love Official Clip


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