Green Day Torrent
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30.07.1991, Inner World Gateway, Billings, Montana, USA




1. Don't Leave Me
2. At The Library
3. I Was There
4. Only Of You
5. Christie Road
6. 409 In Your Coffeemaker
7. 16
8. Paper Lanterns
9. Knowledge
Note: Operation Ivy cover.
10. Road To Acceptance
11. Who Wrote Holden Caulfield?
12. 1,000 Hours
13. Going to Pasalacqua

- Other performers: Spurge (headliner).
- Kyle Matteson: "I saw Green Day in '91 opening for a local band I loved back in Montana called Spurge. Had no clue who they were..."
- ejones71: "It was called 'Innerworld Gateway'. I've been told it's still around. It's way out west on Grand or Central. It was the middle of a field at the time."



Billie Joe Armstrong: ...This is Tre Cool. Tre Cool. (french-kisses Tre) My man! You thought I was writing girl songs, but actually they're about boys.
Crowd members: Ew!
Billie Joe Armstrong: No, don't say "ew". We're not (???). Not now. So, anyways... You're going this way. We're Green Day from Oakland, California!
Don't Leave Me
Billie Joe Armstrong: Is it guitar sound you love? Is that sound you love? Ah, shit, we're Green Day from Oakland, California. No booze, please. Booze. Hey, anybody else wants to come up here and dance? Take off your hippie shoes and (???). Alright. Let's go to library, oh!
At The Library
Billie Joe Armstrong: Alright. Oh shit, it's from our "39/Smooth" LP! Or CD.
I Was There
Only Of You
Billie Joe Armstrong: Pretty soon I'll play (???). (burps) It's not a vehicle.
Mike Dirnt: (???)
Billie Joe Armstrong: The song is about (???). (???) It's rail tracks. Excuse me, (???) speed on you. Yeah, the next song is called "Christie Road".
Christie Road
409 In Your Coffemaker
Billie Joe Armstrong: Thanks a lot.
Paper Lanterns
Road To Acceptance
Who Wrote Holden Caulfield?
1,000 Hours
Going to Pasalacqua
Billie Joe Armstrong: Thanks a lot, we're Green Day!

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