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16.11.1995, Cobo Arena, Detroit, Michigan, USA


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Walking Contradiction

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Notes :
Before the incident, MTV caught up with Green Day at the Cobo Arena in Detroit, MI on November 16, 1995. They were interviewed on topics such as if touring gets boring for them, how Billie Joe and Tre Cool are new fathers, playing bigger venues, Ticketmaster and Pearl Jam, the remainder of their Insomniac Tour and what they do on their days off.

Review from SpartanDC :
Green Day - November 16, 1995 at the Cobo Arena in Detroit. Their opener was a "queercore" band (that means exactly what you think it means) named Pansy Division that, I just learned now, still exists.

I wore the Green Day shirt I bought that night to school the next day, which turns out wasn't the cool thing to do. My first introduction to band apparel etiquette!

Review from unknown person :

"i saw green day 10 years ago on the insomniac tour too.

setlist was about the same, except no road to acceptance and they played walking contradiction instead of 86"

-November 16, 1995. Cobo Arena in Detroit. ahhh, good times indeed. i missed walking contradiction though. that would have been cool to have heard that one live.

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