Green Day Torrent
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08.11.1995, Unknown, Los Angeles, California, USA


TV appearance

Late Show With David Letterman

1. 86

- Other performers: Ellen DeGeneres, Demi Moore.


Green Day had to postpone their Niagara Falls, New York show, the one scheduled for Nov. 8, so they can fly into Los Angeles to appear on the David Letterman show to perform "86," a rockin' song on Insomniac. When we asked a source at Reprise Records why they were performing "86," and not the first single, they sounded a bit bemused by our question. "They're performing '86' because they want to." You know, kind of like 'What does a gorilla do on it's birthday." But actually if the truth be told, "86" is going to be Green Day's next single, to be released before the end of the year. We don't want you to think that Green Day doesn't realize the significance of "doing" Letterman. According to that self-same source: "They're excited, and they're really into the show. They really like Letterman." This is the band's first appearance on mainstream late night TV, having previously appeared on Conan O' Brien. They've rescheduled the Niagara Falls for Nov. 17.

David Letterman: Okay! And I'll tell you I like these guys, this is Green Day. I am like a father for these guys and I'm hoping to adopt them. The first time they were on the program in 1994 they scared the hell out of me but they were going to sell millions of albums and they also won a Grammy. Their new CD is entitled "Insomniac". Here they are, Green Day!

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1995-1996 (various) - Insomniac-Era TV Appearances [NTSC DVD]
1995-11-08 - Late Show With David Letterman, Ed Sullivan Theather, New York, NY, USA


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